Care of Furniture Surfaces
Routine Care of Wood Finishes
Routine care involves frequent dusting, very occasional washing, infrequent thorough cleaning and polishing or waxing and making minor repairs. Major repairs of damaged surfaces should be left to a professional refinisher. Your local home-furnishings merchant can recommend a competent refinisher.

Dust the finished surfaces of you furniture several times a week with a clean, lint-free, absorbent cloth.

To wash the surfaces, make a sudsy mixture of mild soap or mild detergent and water and use a clean, soft cloth - from which most of the water has been wrung. Take care not to wet joints, as glued parts might become loosened. Work fast - washing, rinsing and drying a small area at a time. Be sure to overlap washed areas.

Thorough Cleaning. Before applying a complete new coat of polish, give the wood finish a thorough cleaning - once or twice a year, as needed. If many layers of wax have accumulated, it may be necessary to use a cleanser-conditioner to completely remove residue dirt and smoke. Use the cleaner-conditioner on one small area at a time; dry work areas as you go.

Leda finishes have special characteristics of which you should be aware. When a Leda finish is originally applied to wood, each piece is consistent in color. However, as wood ages, each piece will darken somewhat, in its own unique manner. Furniture finished in dark stains is not affected in this fashion as pigment in dark stains mask the aging process. With Leda finishes, exposure to direct sunlight may accentuate and can accelerate this slight darkening process.

A stationary object on a top may leave a shadow of lighter wood when moved after a period of time. This is a normal occurrence with furniture and is not a manufacturing defect. After a period of time, subsequent to a removal of the object, the shadow generally disappears of blends in with the rest of the finish, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The information contained within this document has been provided by Valspar, which is the company that supplies Leda Furniture its finishing materials.

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